So what is Smartbuy?

The Smartbuy project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 687960


Smartbuy is a product proposed in the framework of Information and Communication Technologies: H2020 – ICT-12-2015 Integrating experiments and facilities in FIRE+ Innovation actions. But that, of course, is not the most interesting information about what it is that we do!
Smartbuy is a solution for small local entrepreneurs, selling goods in their traditional physical stores. Many of these shops feel that they do not have the resources for selling online, but would still like to have an online presence. And this is where Smartbuy comes in!
Smart Buy affisch
And for all you who like shopping, Smartbuy will help you to find the local shops and products in your proximity! Very handy, don’t you think?

EuCNC 2017

Greetings from Finland!

We are currently attending European conference for networks and communications in Oulu, Finland. The topic for this year’s conference is 5G, and we have heard talks about the opportunities and issues with 5G technology. We have also been networking and meeting people from the industry, academia and even colleagues from other FIRE+ related projects.

Looking forward to 1,5 more days of inspiration and networking!